With over a hundred years of history, we are used to taking a long-term view – one that builds on a strong and sustainable core business model. We want to create long-term value for our customers, employees, shareholders and societal stakeholders.

We strive for responsible economic development, while identifying and addressing our environmental and social impacts.


With its modern fleet Belships is well placed to deliver emission cuts in line with industry ambitions for 2030.

Belships is committed to continuously improving energy efficiency, meeting its GHG reduction obligations and satisfying all other emissions requirements, including for SOx, NOx and particulate matter (PM)

Investments in new vessels, low average fleet age and deployment of technology means we have the best in class efficiency and environmental performance, including ballast water management systems. We strive to operate to the highest environmental standards, complying with all relevant environmental regulations. Belships’ environmental management system is independently certified to the international standard ISO 14001 and is implemented in conjunction with the international quality standard ISO 9001:2000.


Belships is committed to creating a safe, healthy and rewarding work environment. Our focus on building a strong safety culture is complemented by our investment in developing and retaining our people.

The unprecedented impact of Covid-19 has demonstrated the importance and value of a resilient, diverse and unified workforce. Our number one priority throughout the ongoing pandemic is keeping our people safe and healthy, while adapting to the challenging conditions that it presents. The many cultures and backgrounds of the people working for Belships creates diversity, which we value and enhances our business.

Providing good working conditions, respecting relevant labour and human rights are embedded in our approach to creating social capital. Through our efforts to date we have continued to maintain high retention rates of both sailing crew and staff ashore. This builds a stronger foundation for future growth and development.


Belships aim to be a leader in corporate governance and transparency within shipping.

Belships’ corporate governance policy is based on “The Norwegian Code of Practice for Corporate Governance” (the “Code”), most recently revised on 17 October 2018 and issued by the Norwegian Corporate Governance Policy Board. The policy is designed to establish a basis for good corporate governance to support achievement of the company’s core objectives on behalf of its shareholders, including the achievement of sustainable profitability. By pursuing the principles of corporate governance, the board and management contributes to achieving open communication, equal rights for all shareholders and good control and corporate governance mechanisms. The board assesses and discusses the corporate governance policy on a yearly basis.

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